SPECTRUM EDGE is designing and printing company in the Saganarigu/Tamale Metropolis in the Norther Region of Ghana which is setup to provide printing needs of top-level organizations and down to low level individuals both locally and International. 

Our Vision

To provide Professional outstanding designing and printing needs to individuals and organizations in Ghana and beyond.

Our Mission

 Is to provide high quality graphics design and printing services for the Northern and beyond to bridge the gap between the Northern and the Southern Ghana printing industry and the world at large.

Our Values

As a design, printing and technology company, we are passionate about design, print and technology. By connecting design and technology intelligently, we help brands succeed online with strategic approach to digital and print media problem solving. We believe that the corner stones on which our successes are built are Excellence, Passion and Technology. While this is true, you cannot rule out the fact that it is people who make up the team of any successful enterprise. We’re no different. SPECTRUM Edge’s creative people places high emphasizes on excellence as its culture and true love for what they do. Our passionate team consist of creative designers, technology enthusiast, developers, photographers and consulting services professionals. All of them have qualifications, professional training, expertise and experience that are relevant to deliver value-added products and services at the marketplace.